City of the Sun, Luna County, New Mexico

This is an unofficial webpage of the City of the Sun, Columbus, NM 88029, maintained by one of its members. The official webpage is at the Communities Directory.

I have set up two mailing lists to (hopefully) simplify getting information to and from the people who want it. The first is cosf-business, only for official COSF matters, as in the secretary's regular mailings of the agenda and for any member's proposal for an agenda item. To subscribe to this list, click on the link or send an email to and follow the instructions you receive in the reply. Note that you won't be subscribed unless you answer the confirmation message; it may go into your "Spam" or "Junk" folder, so look there too.

The second, cosf-discussion, is for discussion of COSF-related issues not of an official nature. Email to, or click the above link, to receive these emails.

Once you are subscribed, you will receive an email detailing how to post to the list, how to change your settings, and how to view the list archives. Don't be alarmed if the URLs to which you are sent have in them instead of It's the same server, and the files are available from both URLs.

The correct way to post to these lists is to put the list address (either: or in the "To:" field of the email, then BCC any other recipients (those who don't subscribe to the list). If you CC, or put in the "To:" field, many recipients, the list software will delay your message until the moderator (me) gets a chance to approve it. Besides, other people will appreciate your using BCC, as their email address isn't then out there for everyone to see.

The Articles of Incorporation and the By-Laws have been scanned in to the aoi/ and bylaws/ directories, respectively. Most have been converted to text using the free OCR software tesseract, and the text of the 1975, 2006, 2007 By-Laws are at Google Documents for your perusal.

I've written up my findings on our solar-pumped well. Hopefully the next person won't have to re-learn everything from zero.

See my report on the Lordsburg wastewater facility for ideas on how we might improve our own. You may or may not also be interested in my view of the EPA.

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